8ft Rail & Rolling Mount - with Standard Brake

Imagine hanging your heavy bag right where you want it during a workout and then easily roll it out of the way when your training is done.

That’s the benefit of the Firstlaw Fitness I-beam Rolling Mount Rail System.

Our Rail System allows you to hang a heavy bag anywhere in a room and then simply roll it out of the way to open up more space.

The I-beam Rolling Mount Rail System is sold in 4’ lengths for easy shipping and installation.

Each 4’ length can easily be connected to construct any length Rail System.

Each Rail System includes an I-beam Rolling Mount and all the hardware needed to mount to drywall or open floor joists.

Each 4’ Rail section is load rated to 800 LBS.

Our Rolling Mount Rail System is proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.


-  8' Rail ( 2 ) 4' Rail Sections

-  Rolling Mount

-  All Mounting Hardware Included



-  Mounts to open joist or on drywall

-  Load Rated to 800 LBS

-  Perfect for Optimizing Space.  Roll it away when done.

-  Powder Coated Steel for Long Lasting Finish

-  Made in the USA!


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