Take a Tour of the Shop

Firstlaw Fitness is committed to keeping manufacturing and fabrication of our products here in the USA.

We utilize a variety of state of the art equipment to bring you the strongest and best fitness products on the market. Please take a tour of just a sample of the machines used.

Trumpf 1030 Fiber Laser

  • 3 Kilowatt CNC fiber laser

  • Cutting speeds up to 21" / second

  • Accurate to +/- .005" 

Trumpf Trumatic 260 Punch Press

  • 28 Ton CNC Punch Press 

Flow Ultra High Pressure Water-Jet Cutter

  • CNC 80,000 psi jets of water cut up to 2" steel 

Trumpf Trubend 7036

  • CNC 40 Ton Press Break

  • 6 Axis Back Gauge 

Firstlaw Fitness has full fabrication capabilities that also include:

  • Custom Welding

  • Shearing

  • Grinding / Finishing

  • Complete Custom CAD Designing

Shop laser


 Shop Brake


Shop Waterjet


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