How long will it take to receive my order?

                Our facility is located in Eastern PA.  All orders ship from our location in about 24 to 48 hours.  Large quantity orders may take a little longer.

Below is the UPS Ground shipping map showing the transit time from our location.


heavy bag mount

What is the best heavy bag mount for my application?

                We get this question the most.  We design and manufacture several different styles of heavy bag mounts.  The Spider Mount, Shock Mount, Joist Mount, and Wood Beam Mount are all designed to attach to floor joists with or without drywall.  We also have the I-Beam Clamp and I-Beam Rolling Mount.  These are designed to mount to a steel I-Beam.  If you have a steel I-Beam the I-Beam Rolling Mount or I-Beam Clamp are perfect.

Selecting the right heavy bag mount from wooded floor joists depends on two main factors.  The structure and how quiet you would like your workout to be.


  • Wood Beam Mount: Provides no vibration dampening.  Should be used with a spring and attached to a very good structure (2 x 10 or larger).


  • Joist Mount: Provides good vibration dampening.  Spring is built in, but still should be used with good structure (2 x 8 or larger)


  • Shock Mount: Provides very good vibration dampening.  Can be used with all floor joists structures.


  • Spider Mount: Provides the best vibration dampening you can buy.  Can be used with all floor joist structures and super quiet.



I see your products also listed on Amazon.  Is there any difference between if I buy from Amazon or direct from the website?

                We ship everything out of our PA location for both Amazon and direct sales.  The only difference is the price.  You will save a little more buying direct from the website.


What is the difference between the Spider Mount and the Shock Mount?

                The Spider Mount is the better Mount for absorbing the noise and vibration from your workout.  The design of the Spider Mount causes the connecting link to hang down about 5” – 6” below the ceiling.  If you have a low ceiling, the Shock Mount might be a better solution.


What is the warranty on my product?

                All Firstlaw Fitness products are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.  If any part of your product fails contact us and we will make it right.