Spider Mount - Heavy Bag Hanger

-  The Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount is the best way to hang a heavy punching bag

-  Designed for heavy bags up to 140 LBS  (Spider Mount 200 goes from 120 LBS to 200 LBS)

-  For the best noise and energy dampening ability, our engineering team suggests only using a punching bag hanger that mounts to at least 2 floor joists.

-  The Spider Mount is the only heavy bag hanger that allows the bag to move in every direction, not just up and down

-  This full 360 degree spherical motion provides superior energy dampening

-  The Spider Mount is engineered to last.  It comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and is 100% made in the USA.






Select Heavy Bag Weight Limit
Add Extensions For 24" Floor Joist Spacing

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